Wistful I lay here dreaming
I trace a fingertip up her lonesome thigh
Nothing but moonlight fills the air
Not a sound, no despair. Lightly I kiss her skin. There’s nothing in between. Slow, deep and deliberate breath fills my lungs with her scent. No comparison. Waking to the sound of loneliness, the only breathing left is my own. Substance induced sleep results in the same daily remembrance. No more scent no more warmth, no more you.

Not today

If I knew it would be the last dance I would have danced till my legs gave way
I would have held you closer in that hug goodbye
How did this end when it was a fresh start
So many bad choices tore us apart

Why couldn’t we save it
Where was the fight, where was your heart
Where was the promise of once in a lifetime
Nothing but ashes, like all of the memories
Was so easy to just let me go
I would have taken on the world, but I couldn’t compete with him

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