At night

She stands alone, unprepared

Her heart races, her eyes are scared.

The night is dark and fills her soul

Her spirit is broken, black as coal.

An object of desire she stands and waits

For the next man that will take her bait.

Disconnected she hears the screams,

Of girls and woman fighting off bad dreams.

Here he is the man of power

He brings no gift, no smile, no flower.

He smells of sweat and dirt and dust

His mouth is open, chest heaving with lust.

He takes what he paid for, he takes it all

This man of power, this man who cannot fall.

Standing over her he thinks he’s king

This man whose money gives him everything.

Take now what you please

It’s yours for the taking, I am no tease.

Inside I rise and stand tall

You pathetic life form, here comes your fall.

Your heart is black it does not exist

Its filled with hate, your own hells abyss

You will feel no satisfaction no touch of joy

There is nothing here for you, I am not your toy.

Inside I’m better, inside I’m true

Strong and beautiful unlike you.

So have me now you beast of nature

With your soul a cold broken glacier.

I’m standing tall, a woman, a queen with crown

Nothing you do can break me down.

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