this hand

Take this hand, hold it tight
Its your only chance, it will guide you tonight.
Let your fingernails bury in my skin
Use all your strength, from deep within.

Break the barriers that once kept
You bound and broken where you wept,
My hand is reaching, my eyes are gleaming.
Race this rapid river of life with me screaming.

I know you’re frightened, I know you’re scared
You don’t want to try, your not prepared.
But grab hold, I beg you, please
Once your hands in mine I’ll never release.

Look me in the eyes, there’s no deceit
There’s no running, no cheating no cold feet.
I lift you from this place
My arms surround you, eternal embrace.

I’ve got you, trust in me
This Polar Bear will carry you with no worry
This hill is but a step, this mountain just a jump
You can hear me Roar!!! Hear my footsteps thump

Take my hand don’t let go
Its you I love, this you know

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