you call this love

You call this love, this is a war
Open wound spilling blood upon the floor
Bullets from your mouth ripping flesh
Trying to crawl through this pain this smoky mesh.

Rally the troops, rally the hate
Painful scars ripped breaking through the gate.
Crawling through the dirt in your eyes
How can I fight when I’m paralyzed?

Snow is falling, battlefield is cold
The corners of your heart start to fold
I have no space, no chance to flee
I stand here, unarmed, can’t you see its me?

You lift the sights, your aim is true
You pull the trigger, it rips right through.
Crashing on the ground, dropping like a stone
It’s the end, “I love you” is my last moan.

Blood in my eyes, desert in my throat
Darkness chill covers me like a drenching coat
Life is a battle, love is a war
I gave you my all, but no more.

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