Collections of pain

I sit and watch the sun go down, as it did that day

The brightness pulled from the earth as your smile fades away

I hear your sweet voice pierce holes in my heart

I smell your venomous scent as it leaves me in the dark


Shadows kiss me as your lips once did

Deaths fingers surround my neck as I slid

Down into your darkened soul

No place to lie, no place to crawl


I don’t feel like fighting, I don’t feel at all

I’m surrounded by this chamber, this pungent wall

Will you watch me stumble, watch me die

Fill my life with things, a worthless lie


I’m edging closer, I’m near the end

My heart can’t fight, not even defend

I lay it in front of you, on this floor

It cannot stop, you it will always adore


Break it, stab it, kick it if you will

I drink in your touch, gives me my fill

Its broken, its bleeding, the gashes are seeping

A harvest of bruises it has been reaping


It might be folly it might be in vain

But its beating until you return again

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