White Dress

As she stands there in that white dress
Enough exposed, enough left to guess.
The fabric flows like a river around her
The worlds at a standstill, not even a stir.

She breaks out a smile, one cannot compare
I stand there fixated, amazed and stare.
Can I compare your beauty, a rose, a sea
The waves like your eyes come crashing at me.

Its all I can do but drown in your gaze,
I’m trapped in the look, lost in its maze.
You’re one step closer, I can smell your grace
I can feel the love, gleaming upon your face.

I want to hold your hand but cannot move
You reach out, I feel your touch, your soothe
Your palm slides across my cheek
My eyes go teary, my knees go weak.

A rush of fire burns my heart
Is this love come to life as a piece of art.
You step in close, lips posed to kiss
This is a flawless day, nothings amiss.

Your hands on my chest, mine slides up your neck
We connect in a kiss, a memory, something perfect.
The world spins away, the clouds break
Flowers bloom, rain falls, the earth is awake.

An energy so powerful we cannot release
This is the edge of the earth, where time can cease.
A moment lasts forever when our lips meet
No matter how many wonders in the world, ours love is the greatest feat.


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