you are

You are the moth I am the flame

Forever lured to return again

I am the sickness you are the curse

Couldn’t be better couldn’t be worse


I am the rocks you are the sea

Continuously eroding at me

You are the sun the stars and the sky

A beauty no one can deny


You are the rope I am the knife

You bound me I cut you in this strife

You are the ghost that wonders unseen

Through my life my heart my being


I am the fool the romantic the dreamer

With a broken heart but still a believer

We are the pure the essence the raw

Every scar every scratch every flaw


We break we fight we run

Can this battle ever be won

I am yours you are not mine

Controlled by you beauty, your lips of wine


You leave me here broken again

A lil less conscious a lil less sane

I am the one that fills that empty space

You can walk you can’t forget my face

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