pain for pleasure

Can I kiss you upon your lips,
Tease you with the end of this whip.
Our eyes are locked in a battle a brawl,
One moment were kissing, the next you crawl.

As my fingers run through your hair
Tightening ever slightly, your senses aware.
The blade slides across your spine
Punch drunk love, no, this is better than wine.

My hands guide yours where I want them to be
Over every contour in every dip of your body.
A trickle of pain runs down your back
Your breathing is faster, your muscles contract.

I turn you around my face by yours
A strong steady hand slowly explores.
Our lips are locked our bodies are one
You try to reach out, here comes the fun…

Something tightens around your wrists
Your toes are curling, your hands are fists.
The panic turned to passion is already here
The constrictions, the pleasure the fear.

Our eyes are on fire, our skin ablaze
My hands around your neck, you’re in a daze
Kiss me now, kiss me more
Kiss me forever as we break this floor.

The fire the lust, the heat the pain
This is our creation this is our game.
Connected by the cords of this moment in time
Never to release, no way to un twine.

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