Can we create

Does the blood that ebbs and flows through me speak a silent language only your heart can interpret? Does it flow to the rhythm of your footsteps approaching? Can my eyes make me see what my only desire is, can it create your face from any object I behold?


Is every brain wave I have on a length where my dreams surround your beauty, filled with a life we could be living, filled with my hopes? Do we live in a time where love is just a chemical reaction, did I miss that lecture and follow a ancient mind set where one true love is all I need?


There is a fibre that holds me together, a fibre of hope and dreams, a fibre where everything is not as dead as it seems. Is there a cord my inner music can play that soothes me to sleep, a note my love creates that’s in tune with your life’s melody, will you let me strum this bodily instrument and create a song with you? Can we create a symphony a masterpiece of string and keys, a musical meander, one that speaks a thousand words with no lyrics?


Can we duet the cords in our heart?

Can we beat in rhythm with our blood?

Our lips wrapped in the melody, our eyes play the song.

Our bodies create the music of love, the music that carries on.

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