Arctic Footprints

No more pity no more pain

No more bowing to your every word again

I am a man, I am a Bear

No one has greater love, no one has deeper care

I will be your envy, you will always want a part

I will be your torture, clawing at your beating heart

Ripping flesh with just one gaze

There is only one path out of this maze

I leave my Polar footprints for you to follow

Will you take a chance, or be left there hollow

The arctic air blizzards through your bones

Quivering, shaking, shivers and moans

I tread on in this breeze, in this frozen land I love

I stand, footsteps left, as the snow falls from above

Many will come, they all will try

To win your love, to make you cry

None will be victorious, none will be me

I am the absolute love, you will come to see

I stand proud, I am the one that is true

I can thrive in this winter land, can you?

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