self inflicted sorrow

Hate this feeling can’t take this place
You walked again, can’t forget your face.
Fires embrace this stillness in the air
No glimpse no taste no smell of you there

No promise you give no word is true
But there I am believing you
This time is different this time it’s real
The love of my life, can’t you feel?

Now I sit and wait
Sealed in this fate
This love that can’t be replaced
This affinity that’s got me encased

I’m waiting I’m pacing I stand and I sit
Your in my mind every chance that I get
I breaking I’m hating I feel more of less
There is only one, I must be obsessed.

Guess I’m romantic guess I’m insane
Will this end, will I be left in vain
Time will tell it’s all I have
Will I be left with a heart or halve?

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