the chair

The knot cuts into your skin
But you know this is only where I begin
A red silky cloth slides over your bare shoulder
As it covers your eyes the room grows colder
Your senses alight, expectations take flight
Your smell becomes ignited, your skin becomes sight

Tied to this chair by hands and feet
This is where pain and pleasure are said to meet
The cold lips of ice kisses your spine
Your body reacts, you know you are mine

The droplets left on your skin run down your back
A burst of pain as you hear a crack
Your thigh caressed by whipping cords
It feels like fire it feels like swords

A gasp a moan a noise unknown
A sound escapes that has no tone
The taste of my lips fill your thoughts
Under my spell my desire you are caught

I bend your body to my own will
You take it all you have your fill
You thirst for pain to make you forget
As you twist in this chair and start to sweat

You feel the panic, the rush the blood
I open your mind blooming like a bud
Skin splits open across your chest
The trickle of red licked till nothing is left

Minutes become hours in this world of pain
The hurt becomes excitement as you return again
I have the answer to the hunger you hold
Let’s make your fantasy unfold

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