Tale of Sorts

I took you in my arms and kept you safe
Chased the ghosts away held you from the wraith
Into your soul I crawled and crept
Dug in a corner of your heart where I slept

I followed the song of your love I floated where it led
In the comfort of your warmth there I made my bed
Deeper into the halls of your inner being the chambers of your red drum
There you kindled a flame in my spirit its where our connection came from

Breaking through layers of ice assailing atriums of cold
Fighting the frost to conquer ice dragons of old
When I stepped into the middle of your heart there was a shift
A cracking sound a physical rift

I created a void where only I could fit
A place where only a Polar Bear could sit
Upon this thrown so valiantly fought for
All the fights all the sleepless nights for the one I adore

Where will you find a new king for your thrown
Where will the blizzards of your heart have blown
Me into the dark night I stray hoping to find my way
Back to the middle of your heart and forever I would stay

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