an empty lifestyle

Why would I come back to your heart?
You thought that you felt me, but no you did not
You sit and wait for my smile to return
For my love and embrace your heart will eternally yearn

Why would you choose an empty life fake feelings chemical bliss
Our path was laid out before you but your steps chose to miss
Wandering down the road that leads to grey limbo
Never a spark a ray a light not even a glow

I brought you a gift that cannot be replaced
The fabric of life lay in your hands wrapped and laced
As you watched it beat you knew you had more
Something this world cannot give not in the future not before

Your hands parted and down it fell
Into the darkest corner the deepest well
You turned around and walked back to fake
To a world where there is no sleep a constant awake

Filled with the lust the greed the affair
Selling your body to the “men” who reside there
In this world of material and things, money and rings
Will you ever break free of all those constricting strings

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