not sad, but true

I use to think that love was enough, that if you loved someone it will just sort itself out. Love is not enough. It’s hard to find, it’s something to cherish, but it’s not all that is needed. Growing up watching movies where the hero gets the girl, where, if you love someone no matter what happens they come back to you, sort of gave us an obscured, but desired way to be loved.  We see a couple get separated by war, a man crippled by an accident, a woman sickened with disease, and their partner doing what we all want, staying true, staying faithful, taking care.

Somewhere in the last few years, life has taught me otherwise. You might think I’m being negative or cynical, but follow your own heart, look what’s inside of it and think again. Many of our darkest moments are hidden so deep inside us that we recreate it into a story that’s less offensive, we retell it to ourselves in a manner that we can accept. Think of your darkest moment, that thing you did that you told everyone you would never do, the thing that even now, makes you fell offended when someone else does it. Think of this moment when I say the following, at the end of the day you have to sleep with that thought. That’s the scary part, how much have you been sleeping with? We are human, we have a natural ability to survive, we carry on, we sleep, we act like it’s all ok, what’s the love of your life sleeping with at night?

The whole point is, love is not enough, it’s a lot, but to work,a relationship needs many aspects, commitment, consideration, effort and patience, many words that can be added to the list. Fuck the movies and the plays, the stories of old, this is real life, take it as it comes and when you find someone who is worth loving, give it your best, and hopefully they will return the feelings shown.

May you find someone who knows what love is, may you love someone who knows there is more to it, and may you find happiness in everyday that you get to share in love with that astonishing someone.

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  1. Came across your webpage when I looked at your twitter profile last night. Loved this piece cause I think it’s so true. Between you and me, I learned that many people don’t understand the concept of love nowadays, cause they are so hell bent on finding something perfect that they completely miss whats around them. People say “well you have to hold out for perfection and never be happy with second best.” I disagree completely. I believe that if you are never satisfied and always pushing things away because you are waiting for “perfection” , you will never ever be happy. You will always be looking for something better and never enjoy what you have. And then one day you will open your eyes when your old and think: Life is over, and I never enjoyed anything cause I kept pushing it away holding out for “better”. Love is not perfection. Love is weird and wild and unpredictable. If love where perfect if would be boring. And I agree, Love isn’t the only thing that makes a relationship last. Love doesn’t give a shit what you look like, where you’ve been or what you’re doing. Once you understand love, and I mean REALLY know what it means, then it makes the rest just so much easier.

    So I hope you find the person that loves you like that. Because you know what, a good soul deserves to be loved completely. 🙂

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