The silent whispers your breath use to sing, no longer chant me to sleep. I lie on the wrong side of the bed, trying to fill the void you left, maybe my body can recreate the lines you imprinted on the sheets. Maybe if I lie here still enough, the dreams you left in this room come gliding back into my thoughts, maybe I can glimpse just a silhouette of what you use to think. I want to feel what you felt, melt into the reflections of your heart. I no longer smell your sweet dreams, I no longer drink in your illustrious sighs and I no longer taste your smiling lips. I lie here, unmoving, undecided and unfulfilled, trying to hold the hand of air I imagine is still here. There lies a naked void in this room, a gap in the fabric of life, a tangible emptiness that drains my soul. There is no path to follow, no trail left to pursue, there is no more you

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