may you feel

Maybe one day I’ll be like you, I’ll have the energy and enthusiasm to be more than I am. Maybe one day I’ll have the capacity to be excited by something simple. You follow these trends, bend to these wills, slide down these paths, and you smile all the way. Till the day that I drop I won’t stop, I’ll be the opposite, I’ll be the negative, it’s in my blood, B negative, no way to avoid the inevitable. I once tried the glass full but on the inside I knew you were all wrong, the glass is just half. No need to be specific.

So tell me your dreams, let me hear your goals, its amazing how focused you are, interesting how you view this world. We were all made different, I think I was made completely insane. Days go by and I only realize weeks later. I once knew what it felt like too, now I just know what it is to be.

Every day another day, every feeling just the same, every bitch just wasting my time. I don’t care for shit and I don’t want sympathy, rather a symphony, play me a song a melody, make me fall down this transcending script of pain. One day I’ll feel again one day I’ll be more sane, but till then I’ll be this rock this ice being, why is the wind cold why do I have no soul.

Itchy chills run down your spine, definitely not mine, porous blood fills your veins, ill just stand here and watch. May you feel this world in its whole, may you be everything you aim to be, may you feel, just feel, have the ability to feel. May you be whole, a human at its epitome.

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