I hope you live forever

I’ve never written by candle light but I guess this is fitting. The flickers of darkness and light fill the room like the hope I once had. The wax drips down, slides so warm, so smooth, as tears once crossed my cheeks.

No more, not even a thought. I once lit this room up with my smile, broke winters grasp with my laugh. I dazed with my romance, dazzled with my chivalry. All in vain, all to be mocked.

I feel you lie there far away, never near my arms again. You struggle to sleep you count the sighs count the sheep. But all that fills your mind are these faces, you’ve had so many above you no wonder it’s brought you down.

Love was made for everyone but not for you. You feed off souls, excite in pain, drink in hate and consume all hurt.

May you feed your monster, exercise your demons, may you spread till you tear in half and may you live forever and never feel a thing

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