Try tempt me biting that bottom lip, ooh yeah girl mess up your hair with blazing finger tips. Bat them lashes, butterflies would be jealous. Now look away like you’re shy, oh you’ve played this game so many times, with that smile made of lies.

You fill this room with a devilish presence, you stop time with your feline walk. Such a shame you think this all matters, your simplistic world so shallow your heels don’t even fit.

Does your heart know sadness like the sea knows storms? Does it collect pain like tension in the strings of an un played instrument, the music within dying, aching to be heard. Will you ever know the affliction of an unsung song, the heartache of a love letter that never reached its lover?

You are like a star in the day, burning out just to be beautiful, trying to fill an already bright sky with just another empty light like all the others. So let’s see how poor you really are, with all your things, all your cash, hold it close, hug it tight, it’s all you’ll have those cold dark nights.

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