Let’s break the floor

Your hands crumple the sheet as your body melts in my grasp. Warm hands slide over you, not missing a spot. There’s a rush, a malice, an undeniable wanting of sort. Lifting you off your feet the cold wall imprints your back, wrapped in your embrace, surrounded, encased. Two lusting lips meet, as you hang there complete, the strength of my arms pinning you concrete. A shiver a moan, finger nails gripping flesh from my shoulders. Your back arches uncontrollably as you feel me, the gasp leaving your lungs fill my mind, echos and thunders throughout my spine. The rhythm between us flows like the wind, swaying and bending, waves crash into your body, no swimming no sink. Spinning as the wall disappears, the ground has never had such a greeting for felt such fears, crashing through it, denting the earth, there’s no stopping us now this is our curse. We fill the room with hopeless romance, the tiles cut into your shoulders, my knees are raw, as we leave an imprint in this floor. You try to grasp the air, your toes are fists, your eyes roll back into the bliss, spasms take hold and shivers delight, our passion spent our minds bent. One last kiss to relish the moment, lost in its sweetness, filled with its embrace. Your smile tastes so sweet, soft and wanting, desire lingers between our eyes, the passion enchanting.

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