The door creeps open once more, you lie there, unmoving still the floor offers a subtle embrace. You love this place, this haven where your mind runs free but your body belongs to me. My footsteps make you smile, the blindfold drops to your neck, tightens as you taste my lips. I pull back to let you gasp some air a stare, your eyes connect you know there’s no asking direct, the blinking the begging to feel.

Your favourite smell of leather and me, the nine tails slide sensually across your shoulders. I swing, I bring a strike to your thigh, pain to the skin, pleasure within. The lashes drop like rain, drizzling it covers your body, makes you feel sane. The pain washes away your thoughts, memories fade and all you feel are the ropes around your wrists. You twist and pull, there’s no escape no debate, just my wishes my whips and my conditions.

You love the fear the panic inside, it grows as you feel me step close. Earth drops away as you feel me lift you free, weightless in my arms, lost in the moment. Your back welcomes the cold wall as you fall into another world. And as you escape the grips of this place you silently scream as what you’ve been waiting for fills your empty space. Your mind is still your lungs can’t fill, ecstasy bleeds from your body as you finally float away.

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