How long does it take to destroy one self? Is it in the chemical transmitters we all naively release, is it a process of intimate self loathing. Can it end suddenly with the brush of insanity, or does it take a lifetime where you lie down and just finally breathe out.

Will you take my hand as I follow this path, or does the fear of death stop you from achieving the ultimate goal. Envy the dead, follow their tributes to this meaningless life, fight for what is right, or fall into the disgrace of convenience. Will your legacy make you feel like you created the greater good, or is it simply a neurological release of the right endorphins that make you sleep at night.

Questions that have no answers, analysis that leads to no comply. Ramblings of a soul tortured to the darkness of the abyss, or a cry for help by a helpless fool?

May you find your peace, greatness, and nirvana, may you walk the path of resilience, joy and filled with love. I wish I was like you, easily abused

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