For the ladies

In this life there are choices. Changes and moods, all connected to the current associations with other human beings. She stood alone, waiting to be felt, waiting to be accepted, when all else faded away she still held fast, come rain or snow. Suddenly she felt a chill, a kind of realisation that the finer things in life are self made. She discovered that the beauty within outweighs the strive of life itself.

Upon her wakeful journey she came upon one mighty discovery, she was a woman proud, a soul deeper then the world we live in, more detailed than the quantum analysis of man. She could eclipse the sun, find light in the darkness of her being, illuminate a room over run by gloom

And in this hearty malevolence she desired more than what this life has to offer, more of bliss, more of more breathtaking cliffs of love, the ultimate fight for life, the non ending desire of something more

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