We all want that perfect fit, that middle puzzle piece just slipping into place. But I want something less seen, more obscure, more obscene. I want to feel you deep in my soul, like a drug, I’d shoot you up, take you whole. As I fall back in space, I feel you rush through my veins. Your tingling touch travels through my being, you fill my breath, you are always with me, yet unseen.

My eyes roll back as you course up my spine, swirling through the plexus, around and untwine. You reach my mind and unleash your beauty, in a moment I’m gone, miles from this earth. Neurons fire, chemicals released, all with your blood borne touch, you’re in my soul, it’s all too much.

As I lay there transfixed, your image is all I see, you transverse down and fill my breath. My lungs expand as I breathe you in, I hold my breath, I don’t want to exhale, don’t want you to leave.

My plural space begins to quake, my heart beat slows as I try to keep
You from escaping my blood, I let out a sigh, a cry of passion of haste, when will I get my next fix, when will you come past again.

I lay here exhausted, elated with lust, trying to breath normally, just to adjust. You’re so far away but still in my blood, connected by something more powerful than love.

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