Have heart

Did you give your heart your blood, was it all you had inside. Would you walk away in a daze or turn around and fight. Can it be like you promise or does it come with strings attached. It’s always easy to talk and make up a game, fill a mind with puzzles and flame.

I lay it down on wood and stone, the things this earth holds true, it’s everything I have to offer, it’s more than a spectrum of hues. Till the day I leave this place till the heartbeat stops the clock, I will be the man I am, I will always be true. I don’t believe in deceit and disguise, I don’t hide behind any lies.

In this world of indifference and pain, I hope I found the true beat that compliments mine, the final chapter to the most ancient tale ever told. Let’s make a story that can’t be stole, a book written in our blood, a tale that becomes legend as it never ceases to unfold.

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