It’s always you

With palms pointed to the star scattered sky, in the midst of my grip there lies my heart. I hand it over I surrender it entirely, no strings no parts missing, in your care it now lies. I stand here at my most vulnerable state, filled with an indescribable calm, a sort of cerebral silence that blinds white noise. You, it’s you, it’s all you, nothing is what I want if it’s not you. Standing here, with my soul bare, eyes longing and blood dripping, I hold out the most precious element I own, the part of me filled with unknown, yet there you are willing to take hold, willing to protect me from the cold. This once broken organ feels your touch, the action potential ignites across the axons and shocks every fibre bringing it back to life.

There is no doubt in me, no cell no atom can deny, you are my true love, you are the heart mine desperately desires, too my soul I know this is real, I will love you till the end of time. There’s nothing I’ve been certain of more, nothing greater worth fighting for. Let me hold your hand, slip my fingers through your hair, let me listen to your every word, fill my life with your beauty and slay me with that smile. It’s always you, every second every minute every hour every day, it’s you I choose, you I love. My eyes have one purpose and that’s to admire your allure, my hands have one desire and that is to please your every wish, my lips have one dream, to always be kissing yours. And my heart, it has but one beat, and that beat is the sound of your name, the sound of my love for you, the sound that I live for.

I give you my heart, and so does my soul, I give you my life, for you are worth dying for, I give you my all, and all I want is you, nothing in this world will be the same, without you sharing my last name.

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