They say less living and more life, but how do you find that balance, that ideal ratio. Everyday reality makes us work harder, fighting our way up me mountain and laying down foundations for things to come, planning a future less tangible than smoke. But what about the journey up, where does a goal become a waste of time, where do people get lost off track and instead of discovering a new place end up staring up at a summit they might never peak.

If you can find a passion it will set you apart. While you have your plans set in motion, you can absorb what comes day by day. When you have a passion, hold on to it, it’s the driving force that makes everyday normalness into awesomeness. Even when it feels like it’s fading, don’t let go, passion is like a flame, it flickers sometimes, it’s flicking tongues don’t lick out as far, but yet in its core it’s still vibrating, still emanating heat, and when just a lil fuel, such as time, is added it burns and ignites into that roaring hearth that you know pushes you.

So don’t let your passion die, if it flickers just let it ember on until you can slowly add twig by twig, branch by branch and reignite the supernova that only your heart can contain.

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