It feels like a familiar invitation, a basic instinctual habit that pulls you towards my heart. I feel your words deeper than my own thoughts, their sweet melodies continuously echo through my mind, and it’s all I want to hear. The simplest touch turns my skin into your playground, you run and dance your fingers across my body, shutting off all interfering stimuli, and my sensory fibres fire for you solely. Synapses learn your touch and anticipate when you come near, like a tactile addiction my body seeks out your hands.

I have no heart for you have stolen it, I have no blood for it only rushes for you, I have no mind as its completely lost in you. Breathe my lungs full of your spirit, course through my spinal cord and move my body like your own. Leave a scar on my skin and let me seal yours with a kiss. Trace your lips over my eyes and let me see your passion pucker up, send them kissing me head and all till all of me knows only one love, one romance and one ultimate desire…


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