Heart felt

The crisp in the air parallels her stare, a sudden crack in the atmosphere brightens the day like her smile. I look at her in sudden amazement, caught in this slice of time this undeniable thirst for her love. I drink my fill but I want more, I drown in her beauty, consumed by its awe. She runs her fingers across my chest, they might as well be dragging across my heart, she leaves marks I never want to erase, never want to heal. She links her stare to mine, sensual lines appear next to her lips and I know precisely what’s on her mind, everything stops


White noise fills my mind, echos bounce off the emptiness and not a thought can be conjured in this passion. It takes every cell to muster me to pull in to her kiss, to caress my tongue with hers, to taste her, feel the warmth of her mouth. She sits up on top of me, her hair defies gravity as it lies perfectly curled down her shoulders, her smile intoxicates me to a dizzy state, I wonder if this is all real, if I could be this lucky, if I’m about to wake.

But then she says my name and she declares her love for me, and in this exact moment in time, there is absolutely no where else I would rather be and I never want to leave. She’s real, she’s in love with me and I in her and all seems perfect, all seems how things are meant to be. You make me whole you fill my soul, you make me feel alive, filled with rustling flutters of butterflies. We are a pair made one, nothing can hurt us, nothing can hurt us, reach out Love I’m holding on to you and I’ll never let go.

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