Days of old

Let’s go back to simpler days, nights of renting video games and vhs. Days when Spur was the ultimate night out and helium balloon voices in the car home. Let’s build a couch cushion fort and make a Christmas bed, stay up late with the lights off and converse the moon away. I want to write you a letter, dazzled in hearts, splashed in hugs and kisses, x’s and o’s. Love letters can you remember those, the simpler times when boys were nice and girls were cute, let’s regress and act like young lovers, nervous to hold a hand, excited to feel a kiss.

Take me back to honest days, thunder storm dusks and cold winter Mays. Fire place burning, hot chocolate stirring, let’s grow young and be like that, I’ll roll you up in a thick duvet, carry you to the lounge and press play. We’ll forget the movie and just talk, I’ll plait your hair and you’ll kiss my cheek, we’ll hold each other and forget the fliek. I’ll take you back to the days of old, of wonder and gold, richer in heart and fuller in soul. Be my valentine and dance this school slow dance with me, embarrassed eyes locked to the floor, shaking hands wrapped around your swaying hips, abated breath and one sneaky kiss.

Let’s go back to the days of just told, let’s go now and never grow old.

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