Slender body of canvas spreads herself across the sheets. I trace her ribs with the tip of my tongue, I breathe her in, pump my veins with gushing soul, shakes and shivers. We can go to the night, silent wind flutters through the mould, grey silhouettes move from wall to wall, tracing my stare over moonlit touched skin. Eyes have seen, mouths have tasted, shadows have held, the poetry that lies snaked between the creases of the bed. Her movement follows the background violins, made up in an enchanted mind, intoxicated by the visage formed and frozen in the dark. I want to taste the love and shame, I want to absorb every subtle lie, I want to naive the best forget the worst, play forever free in the pain. Drawn to the beauty of insane, filled with the snare of dispare, every sip of beauteous poison.

Extended hand brings her up to my face, standing locked behind closed doors, feet fumble a rhythm, hips counter a sway, music takes the stage and our bodies follow the way. Gliding across the bedroom floor, we take the shape of memories before, embedded in this dance, flowing through rivers of sound, I cradle your head, fingers through waterfall hair, soaking up the fragrance of your life. We fall back, broken down but so whole, silly giggles run through our tears, damned smiles crack the dark night, we lay there expired inside yet searching for a reason to believe

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