Age of entitlement

We live in the land of incompetence, the self righteous entitlement. Give a hand but an arm is taken, more is the word more is the answer. Don’t just give them what they ask, give them what they want. The score is two fold, the end is to the power. Double click and there it is, your new bride, your new life, ain’t this madness ain’t this the end? I thought novels were weird, till I took a step in the now.

You wear that silly crown, that silky slime, every so often you look at the time, tick tick like the grenade, everlasting like the fame, but one stumble and you’re on your knees.

Life has a funny bone, a cerebral reflex that kicks you back in place, a synapse that ignites the shame. To this place you will refrain, avoid and disdain, but all in all you feel the pain. Darkness follies the rich, shadows swallow the hollow, and in the night, terrors reign.

May you open your eyes and shut your mouth  may your mind seek the path of enlightenment, and may you realise that in the end, it’s all just a thought

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