Coz I’m fucked up

Long gone are the parts of me that worked, the gears in my heart have seized cold. The hate I feel won’t go away, my kind of normal is this empty space. I’m a mess no doubt I’m less, of a man, a human. I use to be naked to the truth, incapacitated with love, loyal to the grave. I’ve seen the world for what it is, the misery that surrounds, black and thick lies, tar around their grip. Serpents crawl through the playground, venom doesn’t come close to what her mouth can spew. I find myself sleeping away the day, fighting with the night, and all that shit never disappears when I think of you. How did I possibly pick the grime of the dark, the gutless unworthy. Time and time again. Guess that’s why I’m fucked up. It’s fucked up precisely as it seems, everything, all that I can remember, how can it be any different. You sell death with every kiss, spread your vile as you wish. Always open for business yet never filled up, suck them in like a syphon. There’s no sleeve left to hang my heart upon, no lap to lay down my head, coz me, I’m fucked up.

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