Lay it down

Lay it all down, just lay it down on me. Fill this empty soul with the hurt you hold. Send it all to me, go on, lay down your hurt on me. Your hair needs tucking behind the ear, your cheek needs wiping of that tear. This is how easy love could be, if you lay it down on me, I have a shoulder and a chest, bury deep inside it and let me in. Heavy burdens break down your stance, use my strength to carry on. We can ride this storm, slide through the turbulence unscathed. Lock your fingers into mine, when you’re in love with me, there is nothing that can shake this bond. Sinking into the primal state, this is our fate no matter how deep the night may grow. Around us it’s seeping in, but with eyes locked darkness may surround but will never consume. The world spins, space expands and time has no hand in the moment we inhabit.

Show your heart to me girl, show the beating sound. I just want to be heard, to tap into the pulse you create. Show me your heart love, just let me in, show me the chambers that echo your mould. I could live in this space, make a home in your heart, stay there till earth falls apart. I got this one shot, this one break, and to hell with the quake, the shaking below my feet, earth can tremble but I’ll walk strong. I follow the path you set out, unconsciously you led me here, it’s me you want near,  to take away all that seems unreal.

So lay it down on me love, just lay it down, I’m not holding back, there’s no falter or fade. And now I know, I can feel again, and now I know I can still be holding on, hope is the last standing defence, this is the last frenzy, the final standing ground. Here we stand in one last stance, lay it down on me

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