Now watch me live

I saw the devil in my eyes today, it didn’t make me scared, it made me smile. That grim smile that shows the dark intent, the kind you give dancing with death. Fear use to hold a blade to my neck, stricken and berate, falls and hate, now I thrive in its entirety. Fear is tangible, it’s a force that can be used and tamed, and once it’s converted there’s nothing in the world that can stop you. The only choice you need to make is to take. Take what you want take what you will, those who don’t will fall behind. You make of this life what you will, no one can change it but you. I didn’t see the devil in my eyes today, he’s not as strong as what I saw staring back. I didn’t dance with death today, he’s got no hold on the brave. The grim tried to slit my throat, it passed right through and left no scar. You cannot kill that which is already dead, you cannot stop him who conquered fear. I will truely never die.

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