Be more 

There seems to be, a mighty fault in inimical me. I feel the weight of a thousand souls, the path of untreated control. I don’t have the words to write, the thoughts to amaze. I feel a certain restrain. I’ll put on this mask you thrive for, the smiling bullshit you all adore. I’ve realized I don’t swear enough when letting my feelings stain this page. Well fucking welcome to the new shit, take a front seat there’ll be no need for me to repeat. I say it as it comes to my mind, no holds barred, no second thoughts. I’m as honest as the wind, as cold as the breeze, won’t disguise my words in a warm fuzzy fleece. 
And it feels too late, this sudden exchange, the slight of hand gripped my scathed throat, pulled it close, ripped it open broke its coat, lining exposed no way to moan. The magic tricks you engraved in my sinking mind, you’d be one, you’d be one of a kind. The prison break my fucking minds escape, daily solitary confinement couldn’t break the soul that I held restrained I feel it bursting in my chest. I want to confess, I had no idea the spiders web, your broken heart could spin, still in the refuge bin, encapsulate encircled in all the hate. Break all the bounds, fill the chambers of blood the heart spewed out, make whole the stillness you felt. Don’t let it hold yourself down, don’t let it break the will, it’s still, in your power to, kill. Fuck the tangles fuck the cords, don’t let another person hold a sword, to your neck and life. Break the bonds break the strive, you’re a new man, a ranger tonight.

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