Words fail me 

Words fail me when it comes to you, I stutter I’m weak, I can’t sleep it’s unique. I hear your whispers late at night, turn to see you but it’s only your memories talking to me. I smell you while I dream, only to wake up on my own. I smile at the irony, I laugh at the sky, more than ever I feel complete, never before has it burned this deep. 
You might think me foolish and out of my mind, I agree, it’s mental and blind, but I’ve never dreamt, I don’t have a clue, all I know is it’s you. The world is full of fast pace instant gratification, no one is willing to wait, there’s so many options so much to choose, but that’s where it all went missing, the link was broken between two. Between all the pace we started to lose the race, missed what’s right in front of us. Abandoned we wander alone, not aware just what we could have could be could know. 
We lived in the world and it showed us its face, we put trust in those that meant us no trace,  of good or true, we never found someone that could feel like we feel, have heart be waiting be real. 
I see the truth in you, the way it’s meant to be, I’m setting myself up for a world of pain, yet I’ve never felt more sane. My words don’t have to mean anything right now, for time is the only way I can show you how. I want you, it’s a simple truth, it is words and a sentence, I know it has no substance. Time will satisfy that desire, I can only show. These words fail me, I can’t get through, but I can and I will, one day, show you. 

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