Fucked up 

We lie to ourselves, we say tomorrow is a new day. Well fuck you’ve been saying that for two years now. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, no magic carpet ride to the sky. You are here, you are trapped, the world gives no fucks, the universe even less. 

You think there’s something better out there, god damn it’s all a nightmare. You feel like tomorrow is your day, it’s all just a gimic, it’s all the fucking same. 
Think about a year ago, think about it now, it’s literally the same shit you felt right, how? How can it be. You think you change the future, it’s all just bullshit, it’s all just routine. Fuck the world and feed it beans, it’s a tunnel web a masking dread. You wake up tomorrow in the same shithole you’ve been before, you lie to yourself thinking there is more. 
It’s all over now, it’s easy to end it and allow, the faintest rush of a new dawn, in a new reality, when the curtains are drawn. 

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  1. In reality, we do not know about the uncertain future but what keeps our head sane is the hope tomorrow holds. I believe live each day taking a day at a time, for today is valuable and we need to encash on that. I have felt so fucked up over the past 5 years that now I look at life with the window of 24 hours, how I need to be happy and make my better out of it.

    You can try too.
    Lots of love !!

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