Hell bound 

The way she moves across the floor, only held back by hells door. The flames whip around her legs, as she extends a claw. Piercing slightly, the slightest grip, her hand wraps serenely across the wrist. My pulse vibrates under the fist, the ebb and flow holds me bound. There’s no escaping no utterance of sound. Enchanted in trance by one straight glance, she wraps her tongue around my throat. Squeezing tightly as she holds my life, in the palm of her hand she holds me afloat. One crushing movement of her fist, will send me spiraling down a cliff, ashen debris fill my lungs, drowning in her touch her smell her grin. It’s all around all aroused, I can’t look back I can’t unbound. The grip tightens the breath is lost, I stare at her, at frost. Inside I know it’s through, I know it’s over its only you. But I keep on I don’t surrender, I follow wherever life sends her. 

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