It’s not what we look at but what we see 

Your eyes said it all 

Sinking teeth into my exposed throat Fingers run a mile in my skin, engaved your name layer by layer. Your toungue twists a tale, slides over my ear, whipping surrender into my soul. Now your lips, oh my your lips, slipping slightly slowly apart, they mime the words I want to hear, my eyes transfixed by the love note you mixed, whisper sweetly dripping luster that I can’t control, trans like I follow your sacred hold. 

It’s here trapped in your gaze, that you decide to walk away. You got what you came for you stole what’s left of my heart. Gladly surrendered to you I gave it without start. It’s yours now you’ll never see it go, crush it mush it broken in tow, you’ll never find another never so bestow. One day you’ll be back and I will know 

My eyes said it all 

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