Love is war 

And the war came and washed away the last Autumn breeze. A fumble a squeeze, a non romantic shuffle, of feet, eyes meet. Bombs. Atomic. 

Thunderous rolls carpet the air, the stare, shell shocked we stay locked. Oh when our warships promise the gods all hell, stand we a chance? Is it a waste of time to put up a fight, join this war dance. 

Stare turns to blush, dropped gaze fills my mind with a maze. Cannon shodder shot to wonder, like first line defence, ready for the slaughter. I walk the line, the line of fire ,misplaced thought sets alight the pyre. 


My senses ignite, I feel your every move, smell your twisted thought, want your every rot-ation of the heart. We send to war, we attack the core, ready for more yet we feel the scars. The battle scars drip tight tension triples across the face, fight they rush, but it all becomes too much. 

Retreat, sit back and watch, white flag and olive leaves, please. Stop the bleeding patch the rust, fill the cavity of trust. We fight this war we always want more, for they say, love is war 

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