Take a chance 

It’s the only reason the only sound, filled with the resonance of thunder, like slamming doors. Do we need this forfilling drama or do we just like the downs. Violins sound the tragic march of resonance between two who have no words. Fill the void, wonder why, are we both insanly fully aware. Do we beg, knees raw hearts lonely, do we bet, on a chance on a love on a whim, do you need somebody closer than tight. It’s the end of the light losing limits, ignite. 
I’d spend the rest of my life, next to you, no where else not a space between, not a measure apart. Here I am, next to you, always not removed. You fill my mind with madness fill my heart with Atlantis, forgotten mystical landscapes. I get lost in your memory in the essence of my heart. A love like this should last forever, who really knows the future and what it holds. A love like this makes a weaker man stand, a stronger wonder. Somebody once told me to hold on tight, others say let it go, but fuck what they say they’ve never felt something like this. 
Maybe I’m crazy maybe I’m blind. Maybe I’ll find the answer too late to unwind, but fuck the norm fuck the slime, I will take the road you’d love to know. All I really asked for, don’t turn on the lights, stay here and watch the dark the night. I’m a little broken too, let’s feel the sun rays as it raises over the horizon while holding each other’s hearts palm up embraced. Maybe we’re ok to be lonely but maybe we’d rather have each other to hold tight

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